Lagrangian Multiphase Flow Modeling

Course Duration: 2 Days


STAR-CCM+ Experience

Who Should Attend

This training course is appropriate for engineers who wish to refine their simulation analysis skills within the multiphase modeling application area and is appropriate for various industrial applications such as oil and gas applications, pharmaceutical applications, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering etc.

Course Description

The aim of this course is to teach the techniques needed to conduct accurate and efficient particle or droplet simulations using computational fluid dynamics. The course is structured as a combination of lectures, demonstrations and workshops (tutorials). The course begins with an introduction to the fundamental equations of the Lagrangian Multiphase Method followed by how the method is set up in STAR-CCM+. The workshops cover a wide range of possible applications where the Lagrangian Multiphase approach is applicable. Different types of particles are introduced and are used in combination with various injector types.Steady and transient simulations are presented from initial setup through solution and final post processing. A separate chapter covers liquid film modeling

Course Content

Day 1

  • Lecture:Lagrangian Multiphase Basic Concepts
  • Lecture:Lagrangian Multiphase in STAR-CCM+
  • Workshop: Transient setup with solid particles
  • Lecture: Post Processing in STAR-CCM+
  • Workshop: Steady setup with liquid droplets
  • Workshop: Post Processing
Day 2
  • Lecture: Solver Settings
  • Workshop: Spray Dryer
  • Lecture: Liquid Film
  • Workshop: Soiling of a Wing Mirror
  • Workshop: Particle Filter simulation