Course Duration: 2 Days



Who Should Attend

Any new user to the STAR-CD code or past user requiring a refresher course to improve their experience. During the STAR-CCM+ class, a general introduction to CFD is provided which provides a common basis for the STAR-CD class. Additionally, geometric models created and meshed within the STAR-CCM+ tutorials are used as examples in the STAR-CD class which focuses on the use of the STAR-CD solution algorithms for classical and advanced flow analyses. Note: Attendees of this course are advised to enroll in the STAR-CCM+ course which is always held during the three days preceding the STAR-CD class.

Course Description

The course is aimed at giving users, new to STAR-CD, an understanding of the processes involved in setting up a typical CFD simulation and provides extensive hands-on experience in using the software. The hands-on experience is in the form of worked examples which incorporates the use of the pro-STAR Graphical User Interface (GUI), graphics and command windows and the on-line help facilities. The course also gives the User the opportunity to discuss the application of STAR-CD to their field of interest with an experienced Engineer.

Course Content

Day 1: STAR-CD

  • Introduction to STAR-CD
  • Using STARGUIde
  • Introduction to Sets
  • Example Using the STARGUIde
Day 2: STAR-CD
  • Advanced Example
  • Lecture: Post- Processing
  • Debugging Tutorial
  • Attendee Questions
  • STAR-CD Frequently Asked Questions
Unfortunately we are not currently offering this course however if you are interested in taking this course please contact your local office.

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