STAR Academy Instructor-Led Courses

CD-adapco has developed a range of courses designed to take both new users and expert users along well-defined learning paths, to become comfortable with either some basic analyses or extending into advanced engineering application areas respectively. With a wealth of experience and best-practice knowledge built up over thirty years of working with some of the top engineering companies in the world, CD-adapco STAR Academy provides you with pragmatic training that focuses on you becoming successful in your engineering analysis tasks.

Choose your Training Location

  • STAR Academy Instructor-Led | Classroom - The traditional classroom-based training class is at the heart of CD-adapco’s commitment to ensuring our customer’s success with the software. In various office locations and other facilities around the world, CD-adapco offers fully equipped modern CFD labs with access to our world-class engineering staff.
  • STAR Academy Instructor-Led | Virtual - Our full training courses are also offered remotely through Virtual, web-based technology (WebEx), thus eliminating all travel costs. In this Virtual setting, our engineering team delivers the same comprehensive classroom material over the internet, to a remote-based audience, guiding the virtual attendees through tutorials, answering questions and troubleshooting analyses. 
CD-adapco is also keen to develop training material and delivery methods that align to your engineering requirements and can design fully-customized classes for your engineering teams. We will also work with various stakeholders in your engineering organization to ensure that our training processes engage with all parts of your team and produce instant return on training investment - often while our training teams are still in the building!
CD-adapco can offer you introductory or comprehensive training to fit into your schedule and your location. 

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