Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions will be applicable to Training provided by CD-adapco.


1.     Training Courses.  CD-adapco offers customers the opportunity to attend Training Courses at one of CD-adapco’s designated training centers.  To register for a Training Course or for a list of scheduled Training Courses and associated dates, locations and topics, please visit:  http://www3.cd-adapco.com/training/

2.     Pre-Payment Required.  All payment is due before admittance to a Training Course.  If payment has not been committed through a Purchase Order, you may pay by check or cash at the address in the Training Course registration materials. Alternatively, CD-adapco also accepts pre-paid training vouchers for training courses; vouchers may be obtained from local CD-adapco sales representatives.

3.     Registration Deadline.  Registration for Training Courses normally closes one week prior to the Training Course commencement date, however this is subject to the discretion of CD-adapco and registration may close earlier or later than this date.

4.     Cancellation Period.  Registrants may cancel their registration for a Training Course and receive a full refund of payment any time before one week prior to the Training Course commencement date.   After that time, payment is non-refundable, however, any non-refundable payment may be credited toward future Training Courses within the calendar year, subject to course availability.

5.     CD-adapco Cancellation Policy.  CD-adapco reserves the right to cancel a Training Course at any time before one week prior to the Training Course commencement date.   If you have paid in advance for a Training Course cancelled by CD-adapco, you will receive a full refund of your payment within thirty (30) days of cancellation notice.  In addition, you will be offered a priority position at the next available Training Course.  CD-adapco is not liable for any costs or expenses associated with the cancellation of a Training Course, including, but not limited to travel and lodging.



1.     Availability.  CD-adapco also offers Customized Training Courses at a number of locations: a designated CD-adapco training office, a neutral facility, or at a customer’s location.   If you are interested in Customized Training specific to your business or employees, contact a CD-adapco agent for details. 

2.     Cost.  Costs associated with Customized Training Courses will be arranged with each customer on a case by case basis.  The cost for a Customized training Course will usually include the designated instructor’s travel and lodging expenses and associated preparation and instruction time determined on a daily basis.